It's with great pleasure that we announce that the 7th edition of the International Course in Microbial Ecology will take place at the Microb&co Workshops Centre in Catania | Italy from 24 to 27 October 2016 | 1st announcement flyer


The course

The seventh edition of the International Course in Microbial Ecology (7th ICME) will take place from 24 to 27 October 2016 at the Microb&co’s Workshop Centre in Catania (Italy). As in the tradition of ICME, practical and theoretical sessions will be held by experienced instructors in microbial ecology.

Introductory talks and theoretical sessions will focus on the major key aspects of writing, editing and publishing processes. Practical sessions will focus on participants’ draft manuscripts aiming at self-improving the writing skills.

Specific topics and techniques

- Writing and editing techniques

- Developing attractive aims and research novelties

- Citing and managing citation tools

- Publishing and copyright issues

- Data sharing and research integrity

DAY 1: Participant presentation. Publishing & Research Integrity

DAY 2: Writing and editing: tools and tips

DAY 3: Publishing: dos and don’ts

DAY 4: Sharing data and peer review

Participants and fee

The course is mainly intended for PhD students. Applications from advanced bachelors, post-docs and early-career researchers will be also considered up fulfilling a maximum of 35 participants. The registration fee is €220 per person and covers the full participation to all the course activities including tutorial material, lectures, protocols, and lunches.

Application requirements

send the following documents by email to

1. One-page CV

2. Motivation letter (200 words)

3. Tentative title for a work-on draft manuscript

Participants will be selected based on their applications by the scientific commettee. Deadline for application: few places available


Upon acceptance

4. Participation to preparatory surveys for enhancing one's training outcomes

5. 3-slides presentation talk

Participation outcomes

A draft manuscript (suitable for publication or at an advanced stage)

- Tips to cope with all publishing issues in modern microbial ecology

- Tools to avoid common mistakes in scientific publishing

- Research integrity case studies in microbial ecology


Luigi Naselli Flores | University of Palermo

Leonid Schneider | Independent Science Journalist

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OCTOBER 24th noon



The city of Catania has an international airport with several flights to/from European and worldwide destinations.

A list of airlines is available at

From Catania Fontanarossa airport, there is the ALIBUS to the main streets in the city. AMT Alibus Service is every 20 minutes from 5.00 am to midnight, from the Airport to the City Centre and the Train Station – metropolitan bus fare applies. onew way ticket costs 4 euro and it can be purchased at the info desk at the airport or directly on the bus.

Closest stop to the venue, Trento and Verga- see alibus map.



Microb&co's workshop is located in via Centuripe 2 A. The best way to reach it is on foot from the main city street, namely via Umberto- via Etnea- viale XX Settembre- Corso Italia. The Metro Station (Giuffrida) is also closed.



Catania offers a variety of accommodations, from (moderately) cheap ones to more expensive alternatives. The best criteria for selection an accommodation is its proximity to microb&co workshop centre (Via Centuripe 2A), considering that it is not possible to rely on public transportation.; Tripadvisor and Airbnb make convenient offers on hotel, bnb and houses. to reduce the cost of accommodation we are used to let participants get in contact and eventually share the room.